About Us

Hello!   My name is Shannon and I am the owner and creator of the Weathered Dragonfly.  

I grew up in New Jersey and had a very exciting career as an Assistant Director for a Humane Society and non profit veterinary hospital there.  I started selling real estate on the side and balanced my time between the animal shelter/veterinary hospital and my growing passion for investment properties and rehabbing homes.   

In 2015 I made a big life change; I moved to the rural Eastern Shore of Maryland, and took a 6 month sabbatical.  During that time I developed the beginnings of my new pursuit of reinventing and repurposing furniture, other household items, and working with investment properties here.   I began by helping family and friends express themselves through their homes and furnishings.  By 2018 The Weathered Dragonfly was officially founded.  

Now my goal is to help you navigate design choices that express your style and personality through your surroundings.  Using the items in your home to custom design the space and atmosphere to be as unique as you are.  

Whether it is finding a broken and unloved piece of furniture at the curb and making it into a grand statement piece or repurposing/refinishing a family heirloom to pass on to the next generation; we can transform your surroundings to make them uniquely yours.

I look forward to working with you to bring your designs to life.